Since 1931, Stanley Home Products have provided outstanding customer care to our clients and customers. We believe that high quality products should be available at an affordable price. With a wide selection of over 50 high-quality and effective cleaning products, we have established ourselves as a leading company within the cleaning industry. We currently stock over 25 personal care and wellness products. We understand that our clients want to be able to clean their home at an affordable rate, and we strive to provide outstanding quality. We have been in business for 81 years currently and through that time, we have developed an expertise in the industry that cannot be rivaled.

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Home Care Product Line

Stanley cleaning products have become an essential part of our customers lives. Our products have become known in the industry for high-quality liquid formation and the ability to allow you to get the job done quickly and effectively. Our degreaser product is a perfect example of the quality and value we offer. As a degreaser concentrate, you will be able to clean everything from your dirty dishes to your car engine. With a biodegradable and phosphate free ingredient base, you can rest assured that knowing that the product you are buying is top of the range. In addition, the bottle contains enough liquid to make up to 32 gallons of grease tackling tower. This is one of the many home care products that we currently stock that deliver outstanding quality at an affordable price.

Personal Care line

Stanley personal care products are about making you feel great. Through looking great, you will be able to leave the house full of self-confidence and motivation to begin the day. At SHP, we strive to ensure that our personal care products undergo rigorous quality tests to ensure that they leave you looking and feeling fabulous. One of our best sellers, the Stanley Hair is uniquely designed to provide high-quality and comfort. The professional graded nylon bristles help to gently caress your scalp as you brush, leaving you with the ultimate finish. In addition, the specially built and uniquely designed brush handle leaves your hands feeling naturally comfortable.

For over 80+ years, SHP have delivered only the highest quality products to our consumers. We are a customer-focused company who understands that our consumers are the main reason for our long-term success. Through our business, we have developed such legendary products like The Original Degreaser or The Black Slender Slimeline Broom. These products have become synonymous with value and quality and have quickly become a household brand name. From our range of Stanley Brooms to Stanley Hair brushes, our home products will leave you feeling great for the day ahead. No longer does high-quality need to met alongside high-prices, because all of our personal care products come at a completely affordable rate.

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