Stanley Degreaser Concentrate

Stanley Degreaser Concentrate

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Everyone could use a concentrated all purpose degreaser in their life. Just look around you…

Grease on your pots, your pans and your kitchen countertops. Grease on your tools, your car engine and even on your kid’s bicycle. With all the grease going on out there it is important to have a heavy duty degreaser that can cut through the grime and bring out the shine. Now you can clean that grimy broiler pan and even get your outdoor charcoal grill looking like new again.

With the Stanley degreaser, you get the best degreaser in the country that will save you money and cut your cleaning time to seconds. This degreaser is four times more concentrated then the other leading degreasers meaning that one 32 oz bottle of the concentrate can make up to 96 16-oz bottles of solution. You just dilute it, pour it into a spray bottle and then go to work. The fast acting formula dissolves grease within second of contact, WORKING HARD so you don’t have to.

It works as an engine degreaser, getting all your car parts show room clean. And if you happen to get spill some oil or drop a part on your floor, it also can serve as a garage floor degreaser. It is also a top notch kitchen degreaser, getting all your pots and pans squeaky clean. You can also use it to clean the metal plate beneath your burners as well as the walls and ceiling by the stove.

SHP’s concentrated degreaser is also formulated to be safe for both the environment and your family. It is both biodegradable and phosphate free and is safe for septic tanks. It also contains BITREX©, the bitter additive that makes in practically impossible for children or pets to ingest it.

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All-Purpose Cleaner

Degreaser Concentrate is twice as concentrated as Original Degreaser

Concentrated to work hard: Dissolves grease in seconds on cookware, countertops, broilers, dishes, tools, and walls - wherever grease build-up is a problem.
Cost effective: It's four times more concentrated than leading cleaners... so you use only 1/4 as much. 32 oz. of Degreaser Concentrate makes 96 16-oz. pump spray bottles.
Convenient: Dilute and pour into Stanley's pump sprayer for spray 'n wipe ease. Works in hard or soft water.
Created with your safety in mind: Safe for septic tanks, biodegradable, and phosphate-free.
Contains BITREX--which has such an intensely nasty taste it is practically impossible for a person or pet to ingest.
32 fl.oz.

Spray Bottle sold separately.

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