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Problem:  How can I clean Rust, Lime or Other Mineral Deposits from my Toilets?

Squirt bowl cleaner inside and around the edges of the toilet bowl.  Wet a bowl brush or swab and apply the cleanser to it.  Start on the inside upper rim, work the brush in a circular motion, cleaning as deep into the bowl as possible.  Flush the toilet to rinse.  Clean the outside of the toilet with a Germicidal Cleaner and a sponge to clean and disinfect both sides of the seat and lid, the toilet base and flushing handle.  Clean around the rubber bumpers, hinges and plastic caps near the floor.  Weekly cleaning prevents stain build-up.

Removing Rust, Lime or Other Mineral Deposits

Flush toilet.  Prop up the float in the tank to stop water flow.  Apply Extra-Strength Bowl Cleaner.  Wait 10 minutes.  Scrub toilet bowl.  Regular cleaning prevents buildup.

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