Stanley Home Products

Since 1931 Stanley Home Products has been providing you, the home consumer, with high quality Stanley cleaners and products for home and health. That legendary Stanley catalog with its 130 top of the line cleaning and house care products and over 80 personal care and wellness products is now online, and allowing your to take Stanley home, without even leaving yours. We cover all the bases, giving you the tools that you need to take care of your home and family.

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Stanley Home care line

SHP home care products are well known for their high quality and efficiency. They will do the job fast and thoroughly, saving you both time and money. Take the original degreaser for example, this all purpose degreaser concentrate will help you clean everything from your dirty dish pans to your car engine. On top of that, it is biodegradable, phosphate free and one bottle is enough to make 32 gallons of grease tackling power.
Talk About Value.


Our personal Care line

We truly care about the way you look and feel every day and it shows with the effort that we put into our personal care product line. SHP makes its products under the strictest standards of quality. Take our stanley hair brush for example: the handle is specially built to rest comfortably in your hand and the bristles are made from professional grade nylon bristles so they will caress your scalp. Try it, and you will know that it was made with both comfort and quality in mind.

Our recognized trademarks (Aquilaun®, Orange Miracle®, Naturals® and Slimline®) have become synonymous with both value and quality, For over 70 years our brooms have been sweeping away the competition and our brushes have been getting those tangles out. Stanley home products are made with the highest possible standard and Stanley cleaners, brooms and brushes will always get the job done. The Stanley Catalogue will help you solve whatever home or personal care problem that you have so click, call, or email and take Stanley


CALL TOLL FREE : 1-800-992-1089